Comfortable Kids Clothing to Stay at Home

Looking for fun and comfortable children’s clothing? With all the schools and nurseries closed and the school uniform folded and stored away, there’s suddenly a greater need for more essential wardrobe pieces.

With the current situation our new lifestyle evolves around staying at home as well as a daily trips out for exercise.

A wise old friend told me that it’s perhaps more important than ever to get up in the morning, make your bed, wash and get dressed to keep the moral up. I couldn’t agree more and I think this goes for our children as well. Although perhaps formal occasion wear will have to wait for a while (unless there’s an impromptu tea party in the garden of course!)

So however tempting it might be to stay all day in the pyjamas, here are a few favourite finds for children’s clothing, to stay comfortable yet smart during these surreal ‘stay at home’ times.

The baby

Cosy baby clothing, in a neutral unisex style, for boys and girls.

Spring can be chilly, so make sure you wrap up the baby in soft layers, an overall and a hat for those snug naps on the go.

Children up to eight

Faded denim, coral pink and a warm saffron yellow are all colours of this season, giving positive spring vibes.

Pre-teens and teens

Cool and comfortable for the growing child and we couldn’t help throwing in some leopard and panda print.

All above items are available from Alex and Alexa. This is not s sponsored post but a genuine recommendation of one of my favourite kids stores.

Worth a special mention is the new Swedish brand Kuling. The new collection is reasonably priced and perfect for everyday wear, out in the garden or for some excerise in the park or nearby woodland.

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