Nordic in London? What’s on for April!

Traditions & Holiday

1st of April – April’s fools day

Aprilsnar, Aprilsnarr eller Aprilskämt is the equivalent of April’s fools day is popular throughout Scandinavia. The practical jokes and hoaxes are reserved for mornings only and should be revealed in the afternoon.

5th to 13th of April – Scandinavian Easter holiday

The last week of the fast, between Palm Sunday and Easter day has two bank holiday days; ‘Skjærtorsdag’ / Maundy Thursday and ‘Langfredag’ / Good Friday. Schools will be closed all week and this is officially the Easter week in Scandinavia, lasting into the following week with the second Easter Day on the Monday.

The house will have been decorated with painted Easter eggs, homemade paper garland, flowers and chicks in all shapes and sizes.

The easter bunny will have laid her Easter eggs for the children on Saturday called ‘Påskeaften’. This is a large egg filled with the child’s favourite sweets.

The same evening the family will traditionally have a festive meal with roast lamb. The following morning, on Easter Sunday there will be a large breakfast.

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