How to keep your favourite clothes forever?

Tired of an unwearable, outdated wardrobe? I’ve asked an expert, my daughter Amélie, to give her best advice on how to make your outfits last as long as possible.

1. Buy quality

Buy well made clothing in quality fabrics that are durable, to withstand tear and wear. Look for natural fabrics, like pure organic cotton, linen and wool. 

2. Second hand 

Vintage markets is not only fun treasure troves to visit on weekends, but the perfect place to pick up designer pieces for a fraction of the retail price. 

3. Choose timeless 

Fast fashion often get outdated before you have time to wear it a second time . Timeless fashion design pieces go beyond short lived trends, thus can the investment be justified by cost-per-wear. 

Quality over quantity are words to live by. Buy well and less to avoid waste. We learn a lot about this in school. Sustainability is here to stay.

Amélie, age 14

4. Wash less

When necessary, wash on gentle cycle or hand wash. Remove stains and let clothing hang out to air. We’ve also recently come across steaming which can be an alternative to chemical harsh dry cleaning. 

5. Store with care

For long lasting clothes, store your clothing on hangers or neatly folded, to avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape. Store off-season clothing, clean and folded, in clear plastic boxes preferably somewhere cool. Give your clothing the care it deserves!

6. Basic repairs

Learn basic repairs on your clothing such as replacing a loose thread or a missing button as well as patching a hole, mending a seam and fixing a hem. Don’t let quality clothing go to waste for a reason that has a quick fix.  

7. Upcycle

To get more use out of your favourite garments, you can give it new life with a little bit of creativity. With a scissor and a sewing machine, an outgrown jumper can become cropped top and the dress can be redesigned into a summer skirt. 

8. Hand-me-down

Pre-loved garments, freshly laundered and carefully folded would be greatly received by someone with younger children. A quality garment can be handed down several times, from one generation to the next. 

One of Amélie’s favourite quality brands is Les Coyotes De Paris, whose collection of timeless pieces are inspired by the 60s and 70s, for girls aged 8-16 years, available from the leading kids online store, Alex and Alexa.

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