Dark and Moody Interior by Rue Verte in Copenhagen

Rue Verte is a high-end interior design shop situated in the historical centre of Copenhagen, surrounded by trendy bars, restaurants, exclusive fashion and vintage stores.

With a great appreciation and understanding of fine materials and superb craftsmanship, Rue Verte (french for Green Earth Street) is  known for its signature style with high end designer as well as brand collaborations.

In line with the current interior design trends, Rue Verte is perhaps even darker and moodier than ever.

Boffi kitchen in RueVerte, Copenhagen.
Futuristic Tactile sofa and Pangolin vases.
The feature, desirable objects and stand out pieces for your home.
The living room, Viktor sofa from Baxter and brass details.
The home office, Cortes desk, Oud chair and the Serge Mouille wall lamp.
The tranquil bathroom.
The bedroom featuring soft furnishings in a mix of luxurious fabrics.

Next time you are in Copenhagen, make sure you have time to pop in to this design haven that is situated in a 500-year old listet building. Explore your way through the Rue Verte showroom, with each room individually curated – furnished and decorated like the various rooms in a private home.

Would you be ready to move straight in?

Address: Rue Verte, Ny Østergade 11, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark.

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