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It might not come as a surprise that the world’s top coffee consumers by country live in the Nordics, with 12kg per person per year in Finland, 9.9kg in Norway, 9kg in Iceland, 8.7kg in Denmark and 8.2kg in Sweden. In comparison, it’s 2.5kg of coffee per person per year in the UK.

When purchasing coffee in London there are several coffee roasters that have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing as well as selecting coffee for flavour and quality. 

It’s not only about finding the best coffee, brewed by passionate independent roasters around the city. We decided to have a look, to compare prices from our favourite London coffee roasters, to share with you.

Climpson & Son

Climpson & Son, Broadway Market London.

Founded in 2005 and one of the leading coffee roasters in London, with its own coffee shop in trendy Hackney’s Broadway Market. Drink your coffee with the best conscience as Climpson & Son

Classic espresso ‘Baron’, from Daterra Estate in Brazil; Rich, rounded and sweet with a flavour profile of clean dark chocolate, sweet nuttiness and marzipan that sits exceptionally well as an espresso and in milk.

£30 a kg – £7.50 for 250g.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters, close to the Old Street Roundabout.

Founded it 1998 in New Zealand Ozone, the Shoreditch site with a combined roast house and restaurant opened in 2012.

‘The Brothers’ is a seasonal blend brings together coffee from El Yalcon (Colombia), Santa Izabel (Brazil) and Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi. It’s roast medium-light to provide a juicy espresso, featuring honeycomb, lime and apricot – an espresso bursting with sweetness.

£40 a kg – £10 for 250g.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

In amongst a North London industrial estate an unassuming warehouse unit contains the new headquarters and roastery for Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning, leading speciality coffee roasting company in London. This is where we’ve had subscription for years and the coffee has a consistent good quality and taste. And with a subscription you pay even less, £25 a kg is what we pay.

Classic espresso ‘Red Brick’ is a coffee that changes with season but always has a combined great fruit qualities from each component with a lovely sweetness. Perfect as an espresso or with milk.

£30 a kg – £10.5 for 350g.

The Grind

The Grind in Shoreditch.

The roastery, located in a converted warehouse in Shoreditch, opened in 2016 and is perhaps best known for their Instagram friendly shops around the city as well as their adorable pink tins.

With notes of chocolate, hazelnut and cream, ‘the Grind House Blend’ cuts through milk to deliver a proper coffee punch.

£33 a kg – £15 for 454g. (or £29 for a kg bag)

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters HQ in Dalston, London.

Kiwi owned artisan specialty coffee, with the finest beans from around the world, selected and roasted in London.

The daily espresso is a progressive response and reboot of the traditional classic coffee. Sweet and clean with a low acidity.

£34 a kg – £8.50 for 250g.

Supermarkets will offer you cheaper coffee. However in this comparison we’ve chosen to only include the best independent coffee roasteries that currently is operating in London.

Photo: Alex Jones / Unsplash

If your favourite is not here, please do feel free to pop the name of the roastery and price in the comments below. Would also love to know which one is your favourite and why!

Worth mentioning, the prices might need to be updated once we have excited the EU, due to potential change of import taxes etc. I will keep you posted. But perhaps worth adding bags of coffee beans to your list of things to stack up on before the 31st of October!?

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  1. You have chosen some of the best. the place I always buy my beans is the Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho. Great selection offering a very wide variety. If you haven’t done so, give it a go.

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