17.mai 2019 in London

The Norwegian National Day 17th of may is fast approaching. Here is what is happening in London. If you know of a UK event, please share by leaving a comment below. Hipp Hipp Hurra for 17.mai!

The Norwegian Seaman’s Church in London will be having a all day celebration starting with a celebration mass at 11am, followed by coffee and waffles in the beautiful St. Olav’s Square outside the church at 12:15pm. The Regent Brass band will play from 12:45 and lead the way to the official celebration in Southwark Park.

The official celebration of 17.Mai in Southwark Park, will have the following program during the day, on Friday 17th of May:

11am: Southwark Park with all food and entertainment stalls open
1pm: Opening speech and Children’s Parade. All welcome!
2pm: Main speech and musical entertainment.

17.mai in London takes place in Southwark Park on the 17th of May from 11am to 4:30pm. Admissions are adults £3, children £2 and free for up to 5 years. Tickets can be purchased online here: https://17mailondon.ticketco

This is followed by the following evening celebrations:

17.Mai Evening Celebration, Norwegian Seaman’s church
6.30pm: Welcome drink
7pm: Sit down meal with traditional open sandwiches, festive cream cake and coffee. Speech by the Norwegian Ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen.

Admission: Adults £20 // children £10. This event sell out so secure your place now by registering here: sjomannskirken.no

There are further evening celebrations with Den Norske Klub and ANSA. Follow the above links to see the events.

17.Mai celebration at Den Norske Klub

Now that you know what’s happening, the two big questions are ‘will you fit into your bunad this year?’ and ‘will you eat more ice cream than previous years?’ If you are not Norwegian and wondering what this festivity’s is all about, have a look at BBC’s little video from last years event in London.

Bring your Norwegian flag and join in on Friday 17th of May!

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