Ice Cream to match the Norwegian ‘bunad’

Krone-is, the Norwegian ice cream in new design.

The beloved Norwegian ‘krone-is’ is a ide cream in waffle availbel in several flavours, traditionally chocolate or strawberry. The ice cream first launched in 1953 and today approx 30 million ice creams are being sold every year. Summer time with its sunny weather is obviously the main season with a peak on the Norwegian national day, on the 17th og May.

Traditionally this ice cream is for sale at the official celebration in Southwark Park in London. Find out more about 17.mai in London 2019.

Krone-is in chocolate and gold.

This year the manufacturer, Diplom-Is has hired freelance designer Kristina Farstad Bjerkek to design a special audition packaging to celebrate the national day. The designer drew her inspiration from the Norwegian National Costume, the ‘bunad’. In total 8 designs have been approved and will be for sale – ‘to match your bunad’.

Krone-is strawberry in bright red and gold.
Children in traditional bunad.
Krone-is strawberry in blue and gold
Beatrice in her Sigdalsbunad

So to the big question… What’s your krone-is favourite flavour?

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