New Danish Designed Luxury Travel Pillow

The Snoooze travel pillow, for ‘perfect sleep anywhere’ was launched by danish designer Ann Sjøgreen Sanger this January 2019.

She decided to create a portable pillow with a luxurious down feel to it, to create a sense of home away from home. 

When you are travelling there are comforts associated with a good night’s sleep, like your own bed, that simply won’t make it through security or fit in to the overhead locker. 

The Snoooze travel pillow, that has been designed in collaboration with scientist and leading sleep experts, has a unique zip feature which allows the pillow to be compressible, taking minimal space in a bag or a suitcase, but also expands once unzipped and fluffed up.

My daughter tried it and said ‘This is even nicer than my home pillow!

Snoooze World about their new travel pillow: ‘The Snoooze pillow is the perfect travel companion! Just zip it up, roll up, pop it into your luggage and enjoy a wonderful ‘snoooze’, wherever you are.

The Scandinavian designed pillow manufactured in Britain has an amazing quality. Even the pure cotton pillow case gives you that premium feeling, in-flight or at the hotel.

When not in use it folds easily into its own little practical travel bag, that sits perfectly on top of my carry on suitcase. Oh, and it’s machine-washable.

Perfect travel companion: The new Snoooze travel pillow on top of my Rimowa carry-on.

The Snoooze travel pillow with the pure cotton pillow case and travel bag retails at £49 from Harrods and Case Luggage in Piccadilly Circus, Heathrow and Gatwick as well as online

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