Coffee with Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

Singer and songwriter Jessie Ware has collaborated with the talented children’s wear designer George Reddings to launch the British sustainable children’s brand, anyware.

When I realised how much of my daughters outgrown clothing I was storing in my loft I thought there must be an answer to this.

The concept of anyware is consequently timeless styles in good quality and comfortable fabrics, with a cut that is designed to grow with your child so that you’ll get maximum wear out of their favourite clothing.

I was recently invited to the launch of the coming anyware SS19 – and not only did I discover a really beautiful collection for children age 0-8, with a touch of Scandinavian and Japanese simplicity but I was also quite taken with both how genuinely lovely George and Jessie both were.

Jessie and George launching children’s brand Anyware

Known from featuring at the UK’s top charts, red carpet events and featuring in glossy magazines, at her launch event, Jessie was serving coffee and chatting to everyone. Especially impressive considering the due date for her second child is only a few weeks away. Intrigued by the new brand concept and her friendliness I decided to find out a little more about Jessie. Read on!

I’m impressed by how much you achieve, having children and at the same time being a top UK artist – and now also venturing into the universe of children’s fashion. How do you find the time to juggle it all? 

I have George and an amazing team and a very supportive family. Although half the time my husband doesn’t know what I’m up to. He came to the anywareshoot with my daughter and I think it suddenly hit him that all the talks and meetings and hard work we have done over the past 6 months was actually for something! 

You have launched this new collection for anyware in collaboration with a very talented and experienced kids wear designer. What is your favourite part of working with George? 

George has been the best mentor and teacher to me I adore her energy and wisdom, and she has so much experience. I’m lucky to have her. We seem to always be on the same page and it’s felt rather effortless and like we were meant to be a team. 

To you what is most important when it comes to children’s wear? 

That the child feels comfortable and confident. That should be through the cut and the fabrics and that is what we have focussed on. Also I think an element of fun is important, whether it be a massive pocket that can hide conkers or treats or the colour of the fabric.

anyware Spring Summer 2019

What inspires you to create? 

Friends, family, love, stories and memories. 

Jessie Ware

Last but not least, have you ever been to Scandinavia?

Yes! I’ve toured all over and had some of the best food and coffee experiences there! 

I played at Oya, an incredible festival in Oslo where we’re took a boat around the islands 

In Copenhagen, I at some beautiful food and had a very special gig in a venue called Vega. In Stockholm I played at Bern’s Hotel which felt so glamorous! 

I want to spend some more time in Copenhagen mostly for the food that I didn’t get to eat as I wasn’t there long enough. 

Copenhagen, a city Jessie would like to revisit.

anyware will launch their SS19 collection in selected stores and online on end of February 2019. We wish Jessie all the best of luck with the launch as well as with the arrival of her new baby. x

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