St Lucia Concert in London 2018

To celebrate the darkest night of the year Swedes in London will gather in Westminster Cathedral for a magical St Lucia concert. And you have a chance to join in on the festivities too. Read on!

The Lucia concert is one of the most popular Church services among Scandinavians in London and it has become an important part of their Christmas traditions, meaning tickets sell out fast! Below is an overview of the program for the St Lucia concerts in London, 2018.


Westminster Cathedral
Friday 7 December 7pm

Southwark Cathedral
Sunday 9 December 7.30pm

Ulrika Eleonora Parish Church
Tuesday 4 December 6.30pm & 8pm,
Thursday 6 December 6.30pm & 8pm,
Saturday 8 December 2pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7pm
Tuesday 11 December 6.30pm & 8pm

Please note: No children under 7 years are allowed for the Lucia in Westminster Cathedral and the same applies for the Lucia in Ulrika Eleonora not marked “Lucia för barnfamiljer”

Tickets had a pre-release in September to members of the Swedish church. And from today, Monday 1st of October 2018, the ticket sale has opened to the general public, from

5 thoughts on “St Lucia Concert in London 2018

  1. Hi Jenny. Sorry to hear you had to give yesterdays performance a miss and I hope you managed to sort out the tickets with the Swedish Church. Best, Bianca x

  2. Hej, vi har två biljetter till Lucia i Westminster 7th Dec , vi kan tyvärr inte gå längre och undrar om vi kan lämna tillbaka biljetterna ?
    Tack på Förhand
    Jenny James

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