Meatball Monday in London

Make Mondays great again with Meatball Monday! Scandinavian Kitchen has taken the responsibility of making a change to the dreaded first day of the week, with a hearty Swedish meal; Swedish Meatballs.

Scandinavian Kitchen in London is all about food from the Nordic region. Whether you are popping in for breakfast, brunch or lunch, the counter is filled with open style sandwiches along with other Nordic specialities. The store is a popular place for Fika among the Swedish community in London, with scrumptious pastries and homemade cakes, all served in relaxed surroundings.

Possibly best know for weird sign posts outside the store in Great Titchfield Street, the Scandinavian Kitchen team has not only handed out hugs to all that would need one, they are now also stepping up to bring some joy back into Mondays. By offering creamy Swedish meatballs, comfort food at it’s finest, Mondays suddenly don’t seem so bleak anymore. And the best thing is that they only charge you £5 for the wholesome meal, takeaway. Perfect as your next lunch treat!

Did you know, they may seem as Swedish as Ikea and Abba, but Sweden has admitted its iconic meatballs actually originate from Turkey? The country’s official Twitter account tweeted: “Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century.” So not so Swedish after all…

But there is a difference between Swedish meatballs and ordinary meatballs, besides the seasoning. Whilst Italian meatballs are famously served in a bright, tangy, often chunky tomato sauce, Swedish meatballs are cooked in a rich, joux-based gravy made with beef or bone broth and sour cream. Served with bright red lingonberry jam, this dish is both visually pleasing and a feast for your taste buds.

Want to know how they are made? Well, Scandi Kitchen have shared their not-so-secret recipe with us in their cook book and on their website, here!

So, to save yourself from doom and gloom, pop into Scandinavian Kitchen next Monday!

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