Bath time with Meraki Kids

Meraki, the Scandinavian answer to Aesop, produce mild and organic care products for women, men and also – babies. Bath-time with your little one has never been more lush!

Meraki is a Danish body care brand, offering a unique world of lifestyle and skin care products designed and developed in Denmark. All ingredients are natural and kind to both skin and the environment with the possible quality. The packing is unbelievable stylish too, with that unmistakable minimalistic, clean Nordic design. In my opinion, on of the best lifestyle brands out of Scandinavia.

Meraki Kids offer all you need for bath time, from mild and perfume-free shampoo, body wash and oils to soft cloths and sponges, nature rubber hairbrushes and a towel cape to snuggle up after.

Photo credit: Meraki

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