The New Generation Social Real Estate Agents

The way we have come to know real estate agents is moving towards history. To survive a real estate agent need to quickly update themselves on some crucial must-know social media strategies in 2018. And there’s a Swedish agency leading the way.

It’s almost too obvious, that real estate has been and always will be a about people. Real estate agents need to be as much on social as they breath. Yet I haven’t come across anyone master the skill so beautifully as the talented Swedish agency, with of course the catchy name, Fantastic Frank.

More than 60k potential customers follow eagerly to see Frank’s “original photographs and shoots from current listings + more” on Instagram. Frank’s pins, own work only, also gain traction “with a mission to coax the potential glamour out of every dull corner in the world”, attracting no less than 380.3k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest.

The secret on social is quality content. Frank knows this and have chosen to work with top stylists and photographers from the design and fashion industry. The end result, carefully curated on their Tumblr style visually pleasing blog, is loved by magazines such as Wallpaper and Kinfolk. It’s pinned, liked and shared. And Franks business is blossoming.

Now, who would you like to discuss your next move with? The nameless real estate agent that you can email, or Franck who you follow on social? Not only do you see daily the amazing properties Frank is offering, but he’s also just a comment or DM away.

Frank is clearly a social media rock star and part of the new generation that will lead us into the future of real estate with many a property dream to come true.

Fantastic Frank Real Estate operates in Sweden & Germany. Founded in 2010 by Backman, Mattias Kardell and Sven Wallén, the company takes a design approach to real estate, to make their residential property adverts sharable if not trending on social. Website:

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