Top 5: Cinnamon Buns in London

Did you know, it’s Cinnamon Bun Day today! And here are the best places in London to is upon us and this is our favourite bakeries and cafes that sell proper Scandinavian cinnamon buns – in London.

In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle (literally: “cinnamon bun”), and more recently the celebration of the sweet Scandinavian treat, popular for a ‘fika’, takes places annually, with “kanelbullens dag” – The Cinnamon Bun Day on the 4th of October every year.

Nordic Bakery – the most genuine Nordic bakery in London. Find the branch nearest to you and pop in every day this week, to test out the daily new limited edition style of cinnamon bun. Or just go with the classic version, like we do.

E5 Bakehouse – The Scandi cinnamon bun are handmade with love (and organic flour) on the premises. The result is a fabulously fluffy creation with crispy caramelised sugar on top. We just love E5 altogether.

Fabrique Bakery – This Swedish stone-oven bakery serves up sticky, buttery, sugary and just utterly irresistible cinnamon buns.

Ole & Steen Lagekagehuset – choose between Danish style cinnamon swirl or cinnamon bun.

Scandinavian Kitchen – friendly Swedish / Danish shop and cafe who are sure to be celebrating the cinnamon bun day – all week.

Of course, there’s always an option to bake yourself. If you are up for it – here is our best recipe for homemade cinnamon buns too.

Also, would love to know if you have any fav places for cinnamon buns too. Please share with us by leaving a comment below.

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day!

One thought on “Top 5: Cinnamon Buns in London

  1. Bageriet in Rose St just near Leicester Sq is the best Swedish Bakery in London.. Too much deliciousness in one place.

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