In the Apple Garden with Angulus

Have you seen the new Angulus Kids autumn collection? There’s no latest hyped trend or poor fit… Just timeless crafted children’s shoes; lovingly handmade chelsea boots and mary janes, in the finest leather quality.

Angulus was founded in Copenhagen in 1904 and is today a leading shoe brand in Europe. Their shoes are handmade with much attention to detail during every step of the manufacturing process. Each season, the finest leathers and materials are sourced for the collections. Luxurious but durable materials, chrome-free linings and natural plantation crepe rubber soles is the key to Angulus popularity.

And how adorable is the campaign photos from Angulus Kids? It gives us a proper Autumn vibe, with an adventure in the apple garden.

© Angulus

After seeing these images of gorgeously red apples we can’t help ourselves lusting for a freshly baked apple cake. We might just pop into the kitchen and throw some flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon dusted chopped apples together… (our easy to follow recipe here!) Happy weekend everyone!

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