Swedish Midsummer – Where To Celebrate in London 2017

To celebrate the Swedish Midsummer Festival in London, Scandinavian people (and all those who just love a really good party!) will gather in parks and restaurants all over the city during the last weekend in June. We have a full list on where it all happens.

Swedish Midsummer Celebrations 2017 with LondonSwedes
Midsummer is according to LondonSwedes the most epic day in the Swedish calendar. So to celebrate the Swedish community organisation in London invites everyone, Swedes, Swedophiles and everyone else who loves the sunshine, flowers and dancing to come celebrate, long into the early hours.
Time: Saturday 24 June 2017, from 12pm until 4am next day…
Place: Various of parks around London + warehouse party tbc.
Website: bit.ly/SweMidsummer2017

Swedish Midsummer with Aquavit
Aquavit will be sure to incorporate all the traditions of the Swedish Midsummer’s festival, complete with a maypole in the St James’s Market, with a outside pop-up bar and food stand were authentic drinks and snacks will be available for purchase, with live music to add to the festivities. The Scandinavian restaurant will also have an exclusive midsummer menu with the classic “Midsommar tallriken” (Midsummer dish) with a selection of herrings, new potatos and Västerbotten tart as well as summer-inspired cocktails and a song booklet!
Time: Friday June 23 2017, from 5pm to 10pm.
Place: Aquavit, 1 Carlton Street St James’s Market, SW1Y4QQ
Website: aquavitrestaurants.com

o find out more about this Scandinavian tradition and how to celebrate it, do have a look at our previous posts on perhaps the most magical night of the year; Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

3 thoughts on “Swedish Midsummer – Where To Celebrate in London 2017

  1. Just don’t hold it in Hyde Park of all places but somewhere less pretentious and posh.

    That way the garbage abs mess left being will be undistinguishable from what is left behind by normal park revellers in a weekend.

  2. This is the information we have:

    So, what is ACTUALLY happening in Hyde Park? Like we mentioned before, it is a word of mouth event that has been growing over the years ( social media to blame ). On Midsummer’s Day for over 10 years Swede’s have been gathering in the park to celebrate together. We have been meeting with the Met police and park officers a few weeks ago and they have a clear message to the Swedes in the park. People leave garbage behind and people are using the park as a toilet. Last year the Swedish Midsummer gathering in Hyde Park cost taxpayers 5k in cleaning up fees.

    We at LondonSwedes have been discussing this matter since 2016 with other Swedish organizations. We are working on trying to organize something, but it didn’t happen last year and unfortunately not this year again but we’re on it still. For now, enjoy the celebrations at one of the listed events with your friends. People will still, of course, gather in the park but bear in mind that you can’t put up gazebos or speakers and there is a chance of being fined on the spot for littering or using the park as a toilet. Enjoy the day, but show respect for the park and other people!

  3. good evening,
    me and my friends are coming to Swedish festival in Hyde park, but we do not know the exact place, could you please send me a map and some directions? thanks

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