The KAOS Weekender bag

When it comes to packing for a family getaway, chaos quickly ensues. This stylish weekend bag will ensure that you can continue to travel in (Instagram worthy) style, even with kids on board!

The KAOS Weekender bag have already become a hit with (style-conscious) parents worldwide, looking to get organised when travelling with their tots in tow. Inspired by old army bags, this functional and spacious bag has been developed to travel with you and your little army.

It’s designed in Norway, so clearly within the Nordic aesthetics, made from robust canvas, quality leather and brass hardware with matt finish the KAOS Weekender carries as a backpack, to keep your hands free. Or you can carry it sideways, as a proper weekend bag. The bags has separate compartments, two medium sized compartments or two small + one medium sized compartment. Or take the ‘room divider’ out – whatever would suit your needs the best. KAOS Weekender bag comes in green canvas with nude leather and our custom hardware – this time in brass, matt finish.

The bag measures 31x22x55cm and is retailing at £176,- (Cabin size)

To have a closer look, head over to Mind you – they have a few other family travel products that are worth having a look at too. x

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