How to Make Flower Crowns

Wondering how to make a flower crown, where to begin and what to do? Just in time for the Midsummer Festival – here is arguably the sweetest flower crown tutorial, by Lady Lucas for Little Scandinavian, complete with a print out pdf.

Flower crowns isn’t only the ultimate accessory (featuring heavily in our Pinterest feeds…) for a music festival, a wedding or summer garden party. In Scandinavia, these blooming hair accessories are the required attire, worn by women as they celebrate an ancient and magical tradition, full of mysticism and natural powers.

As the longest day of the year approaches, Little Scandinavian asked NY-based artist, Lady Luca, who’s flower illustrations reminds us of ‘The Flowers’ Festival’ by Elsa Beskow, a story about flower fairies, flowers, bumblebees and birds, all celebrating Midsummer. Completely in line with this playfulness, Lady Luca is allowing Zinnie, one of her characters to present the tutorial for us, on how to make flower crowns, step by step.

Zinnie the Rabbit, a tulip farmer who lives and works on Linzer Lane. Her best friend is Iggie the Hedgehog. In her spare time she loves growing Zinnies, Cosmas, Gladiolas and trimming topiary trees. Zinnie is the perfect choice on who to ask for a tutorial.

Created to inspire, Lady Lucas illustrations guides you through the process, from sourcing the materials to assembling your selection into your very own flower crown.

Find the easy to follow, step by step tutorial with Zinnie, in the pdf attached (click here); DIY Flower Crown
And remember to print it out, for you and your friends. ♡

In Scandinavia, fresh wild flowers from the fields would traditionally be used to make a flower crown. Nowadays, you can as easily use flowers from a garden or park – or shop bought from your local florist. Only be careful and choose flowers with a soft (bendable) stem as well as making sure you add enough green leaves too. A flower crown don’t tend to keep well and should be worn same day. Please share any flower crowns you make with us, on Instagram @littlescandinavian #MidsummerWithLittleScandi or email to – we would love to see and share your creations!

About Ashley aka Lady Lucas
Ashley Lucas started her art career as a photographer before emerging herself in art and illustrations, both as an artist and a teacher. She founded ‘Lady Lucas’ in 2011, with her work influenced by the sweet simplicity of children. Work includes printable colouring books and posters, party decor and wedding goods, greeting cards and gift items. Characters featuring includes Zoë, Iggie, Treat and Zinnie – as featured in this post.
To find out more about Ashley’s art work, visit her website

To find out more about this Scandinavian tradition and how to celebrate it, do have a look at our previous posts on perhaps the most magical night of the year; Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

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  1. The countdown for Midsummer is in full swing! Bring on Saturday and a magical evening!

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