Pierrot La Lune’s new Collection for SS17 – Sneak peek here!

by Scandinavian mum

Danish children’s brand Pierrot La Lune has been a favourite for us since it was founded in 2013. With the new collection arriving soon we thought we would share the inspiration as well as a sneak peek…

Pierrot La Lune has become popular for the brands timeless children’s fashion in natural fabrics such as GOTS certified cotton and fairtrade wool. The design can be recognised by it’s romantic, vintage style and this season the designer Emilie Ventujol has let her designs draw inspiration from the french movie ‘Amélie’ that was released back in 2001.

Above, you can see Emilie’s mood board used during the design process. Soft fabrics with lovely ethnic prints combined with casual jersey styles makes the collection easy to wear on a Summer day, while keeping the classic and stylish Pierrot la Lune silhouette.

‘Amélie’ is a french romantic comedy about a young woman who discretely orchestrates the lives of the people around her, creating a whimscial and charming world exclusively of her own making. The film was shot in over 80 beautiful Parisian locations by acclaimed director Jean-Pierre Jeunet in his incomparable visionary style to capture the exquisite charm and mystery of modern-day Paris through the eyes of a very special young lady. On a personal note, our youngest daughter is called Amélie, also after the character in the movie.

As with the film, the new Pierrot La Lune collection’s campaign images has been shot in the streets of Montmartre in Paris. I’m guessing, as with the previous seasons campaign photos, that it’s again the designers brother who’s the photographer. See his previous work for Pierrot La Lune here.

© Pierrot La Lune

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