Norway, the Happiest Place on Earth!

© Visit Norway. Humpback whale.
Norway has officially won the title ‘the happiest place on earth’ with Denmark and Iceland as runners up. The World Happiness Report has been published for the past five years, during which the Nordic countries have consistently dominated the top spots. We dived into the question; why? Is it all about hygge?

Norway is the happiest place on Earth according to the World Happiness Report. The report mainly relies on a questionary asking 1k + people in more than 150 countries worldwide a simple, subjective question where they will have to rate their well being in different situations, with 0 being bottom and 10 being top. The average result is the country’s score, ranging from Norway’s 7.54 to the Central African Republic’s 2.69.

But the report also use statistics to explain why one country is happier than another looking at factors such as economic strength, social support, life expectancy and freedom of choice.

With a population just about exceeding 5 million people Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Norway’s capital Oslo is a calm an peaceful city with lots of green spaces and a vibrant harbour area by the Oslofjord. Other notable cities include Bergen and Trondheim with its colourful wooden houses and Ålesund with its distinct art nouveau architecture. Then there’s the dramatic fjord, with Sognefjorden perhaps being the ‘King of Fjords’. It’s the stunningly beautiful Lofoten and Nordkapp, northmost point of continental Europe.

Norway is country with all four seasons, ranging from the midnight sun on a balmy summer night to the Northern Lights flickering over the sky on a crispy cold winter evening. It’s a vast country with a rich wild life. Norway is proud to be the home of the native population of Norway, the sami people. Norway have amazing fresh food and endless of nature – which is superb for outdoor activities. I could go on and on…

But perhaps more than anything, Norway’s secret to being awarded ‘the Happiest Place on Earth’ stretching far beyond ‘fika’ and ‘hygge’ is the fact that Norway is a peaceful country, rich on natural resources but also a country with good values and in keep of traditions and history. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

© Visit Norway. Humpback whale.

© Visit Norway. Polar bear with cubs at Svalbard.

© Visit Norway. Northern Lights at Skullsfjord in Kvaløya.

© Visit Norway. Reindeer sledge in Finnmark.

© Visit Norway. The Polar Circle.

© Visit Norway. Autumn morning by the lake

© Visit Norway. Bakkelandet Trondheim

© Visit Norway. Lysefjorden

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