Font and flavour, Scandinavian moments with Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery’s Miisa Mink new book ‘Font and flavour’ goes beyond wholesome recipes and dives further into the Nordic culture to explore what Scandinavian moments really are all about – and why they may be so important to you too.

The new book ‘Font and flavour’ unveils the essence of the Nordic spirit through a series of photographs and lifestyle inspiration – arguably the coffee table book of the year for any Scandi lovers.

© Milla Koivisto for New Heroes & Pioneers Publishing

Born and raised in central London, Nordic Bakery draws its breath from the wide and lush Finnish forest landscape and its quiet strength from the Scandinavian hearth, where the aroma of spices and hops enlivens the senses, signaling the desirous promise of soon to be enjoyed moments of restoration for both the body and the soul.

The ‘face’ behind the Nordic Bakery and the writer of the book is Miisa Mink, who comes from a successful career in branding and design but is also a passionate baker. She has already published the Nordic Bakery cookbook, which is packed with irresistible recipes for freshly baked bread and pastries.

Milla Koivisto is a photographer, writer, filmmaker and artist with a focus on environmental issues. Her interests lie in the natural world and our connections and relationship with it.

300mm*210mm, hardcover
162 pages
Released by New Heroes & Pioneers (Malmö, Sweden)

Text by Miisa Mink, founder of Nordic Bakery
Photo by Milla Koivisto

Preorder the Font and Flavours (delivery expected to be May 4th 2017), price £37 at

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