Ylur, Icelandic Children’s Clothing in the Softest Alpaca Wool

‘Ylur’ means warmth in Icelandic and what better name for a brand that creates children’s clothing in the softest Alpaca wool!? The design has a contemporary touch yet inspired by centuries with Nordic knitting traditions. And within the growing slow fashion movement, each garment is both designed and handmade in Iceland.

Ancient history of knitting is finding new life in Reykjavik, as young designers take inspiration from the past for their designs, using traditional patterns handed down from generation to generation.


Inspired by her granny

Ylur was founded in 2013 by Fanney who after the birth of her daughter, Rán had a desire to design and create beautiful garments through knitting. Fanney is as passionate about knitting as she is to pay tribute to her own grandmother who she says is the inspiration of her work.

Iceland has a strong tradition of craft and wool and so Fanney is carrying out the legacy of a long line of Icelandic women who have handcrafted garments for their families for centuries.


We met Fanny at the trade show CIFF kids in August where Ylur was exhibiting and I think she must have knitted half a sweater whilst we were there, browsing the collection and chatting to her on Ylur’s stand.

And there is no big factory or production line… Like her grandmother (who also shares the same name), Fanney works from home, where she has a small studio with ongoing knitting projects. Thus Ylur only has a limited collection for each season, of beautiful garments knitted from silky-smooth Alpaca wool.


Alpaca wool is a natural fibre with the finished garment featuring an incredible softness, combined with strength and durability. It really is the perfect material for children’s clothing.


By choosing Alpaca wool, Ylur stays clear of allergenic and harmful materials. It is important to the brand that the farming of the Peruvian Alpaca is environmental friendly too. The delicate colours and timeless design makes long-lasting clothes, perfect for passing on to siblings – and to future generations.


You can shop Ylur online and follow the Ylur on Instagram

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  1. Hey!!! My name is Melissa and we live in the USA however we are coming to your beautiful country in October. We have an alpaca farm and we’re wondering if you have alpacas there or are you just a fiber artist?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Melissa Reeder

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