Barbican Conservatory to consider for your next Sunday Walk

The Barbican Conservatory? Few know about the Barbican and even fewer know that the concrete jungle that was build in the 70’s houses a hidden treasure; a glass-roofed, leafy sanctuary that features tropical plants and trees, birdlife and exotic fish. It’s the second biggest Conservatory in London – and it’s open to the public!

As we are looking for plants for our new home, preferrably with that 60’s to 70’s feel, what better place to look than in the botanical garden, the Barbican Conservatory? So the whole family went along…

And, what did we think? You can easily spend some time here, wether you are completely plant obsessed or if you just are looking for a change of scenery. We were there in the late afternoon and found the place nearly empty. Along the maze of a botanical jungle we only met a young family with a baby, a couple and a few students who were sketching or taking pictures.

The Barbican Conservatory certainly has a relaxed vibe! You can even take a break from every day stress, bring a book and find one of the quiet garden benches. There’s also a few ponds with a fountain and a stream where large exotic fish swim. See it all when you cross the stream, on the white painted bridge. Don’t forget to head up to the cactus room before you leave. On the way there you’ll see tortoises playing in the mountain lakes…

Small groups of family and friends were also enjoying their afternoon tea under the palms trees. It looked rather tempting to enjoy a meal in such lush surroundings. And apparently the chef has allowed himself to be inspired by the plants growing in the conservatory, with treats such as ‘Lavender Fruit Scones’, ‘Banana and Maple Leaf and ‘Lemon Victoria Sponge’ on the menu. But I’ve heard it’s ddvance booking only (prices from £27.50). So you better make your reservation online before you go.

Here’s a few pictures, from our day out in the wilderness…









You’ll find the Barbican Conservatory in the main building, entrance from Silk Street or from the high walk in the Barbican. The Conservatory is located on the 3rd floor.

This botanical garden is truly a secret tropical oasis, tucked away in the heart of the city. Only a short stroll on the high-walk (a car free zone) from the nearest tube stations, the Barbican or Moorgate.

The botanical garden is only open on Sundays, from 11 to 5pm. Admission is free. They sometime close the garden for private parties so do check online before going, at

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