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When you thought printed publications were finished… we found a new generation magazines on the newsstand. Ad filled, glossy editions from large publication houses have one by one been replaced with ‘slow journalism’ and independent magazines, alluring with it’s compelling writing and stunning photography.

With the new generation independent magazines we see more investment in content and more focus on producing a quality product, more collectable issues. These magazines have stopped competing with the internet and instead focusing on doing things only print can do. You’ll find a increasing range of carefully curated collectable lifestyle magazines, which will be the envy of any coffee table, far beyond Wallpaper and Monocle…

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If you find yourself needing a break from Instagram, blogs and the online world… and instead longing for a more tangible source of inspiration? Well then, here are our favourite list of independent magazines you should pick up today!

Is… a multi-media publication that is re-imagining the role of the travel magazine. Saying goodbye to the impossibly luxurious and the underwhelming tourist clichés, and embracing the eclectic and adventurous appetite of a generation of creatives and entrepreneurs, SUITCASE exists to change the way you travel.

Why we like? Amazingly good photography, from faraway places around the globe. Highly inspirational in terms of lifestyle, travel and fashion, in that order. And last but not least, the fashion is so inspirational, with more human looking models and wearable pieces.

Subscribe? Yearly subscriptions include four volumes. Also available on iPad. Annual subscription including iPad subscription is £25. iPad only is £16.99 a year. Start by picking up the latest edition in your local newsagent for £6.


Is… an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to be inspired, see the world and meet interesting characters along the road. Focusing on one country per issue, it is a scrapbook of place, getting to the heart of a location and uncovering its quirks, charm and splendour.

Why we like? Well, the latest edition ‘Sweden’ of course caught our attention. But the way this magazine dedicated each volume to a new country, exploring it’s history, nature, food and people, means that it’s far more than a travel magazine. We say; subscribe, enjoy and save – as a ultimate travel guide for your next adventure.

Subscribe? There are no subscription option. Lodestars comprehensive guide is £12 per volume with 3 releases a year. Next issue to be expected in store from 9th of October 2016.


Is… Perfect-bound and printed on high quality paper, Cereal certainly looks good on the outside, but beyond this lovely wrapping you’ll find something of real substance. You’ll find intelligent and insightful writing, a lovely clean design approach, beautiful photography and of course plenty about locations worldwide. Cereal looks at places and culture the world over and works as a unique travel guide.

Why we like? The Cereal Magazine is virtually ad-free with a very global approach, merging travel, fashion and design into one brilliant lifestyle magazine.

Subscribe? Annual subscription includes two volumes of Cereal, which is published twice a year, £22. There’s also a two year subscription includes four volumes of Cereal, which is published over two years, £40. Each copy is £12.


The secret to these publications success is that they all have respect for their readers. Humbly they listen to and give their devoted fans the experience they long for.

What do you think? Is print really dead or do you have any new favourite magazines?

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