Nordic Mojito cocktail recipe from Danish restaurant Snaps & Rye

The Danish restaurant’s Snaps & Rye signature cocktail, ‘Nordisk Mojito’ was one of the recipes revealed at the cocktail making master class at Skandium’s concession store at Selfridges this Saturday. We were treated to on hour of fun-filled cocktail making; with herb and ice crushing, mixing – and sampling the flavours of Summer!

Not surprisingly this Nordic version of a classic mojito consist of freshly squeezed lime juice infused with herbs but it’s the secret ingredients which makes all the difference! Kell and Jaqueline Skott from Snaps and Rye (you know, the Danish restaurant in Notting Hill we keep raving about!) have their very own twist, replacing white rum with dild akvavit. Not only does this cocktail look wonderfully refreshing, the Nordic Mojito also taste amazing; of an abundance of fresh herbs, lime – and Summer!

The mixologist team from Snaps and Rye has kindly allowed us to share their cocktail recipe here, with you, to try at home. Although you might never have heard about Dild akvavit before it’s actually something you can buy ready-made, or easily prepare yourself. The rest of the ingredients are pretty straight forward and the recipe itself is super easy!



• Dild Akvavit

• Lime juice

• Mint leaves

• Sparkling water

• Sugar

• Ice

• Muddler

• Cocktail Measure

• Tall Glass

Put 2 level teaspoons of sugar and approx. 12 mint leaves in to the muddler.

Cover with 1 shot of lime juice.

Muddle to release flavours of mint and dissolve sugar.

Add lots of ice

Pour over one large shot of Dild Akvavit

Pour everything (mint leaves included) into a tall glass.

Top with sparkling water – but not too much or it will be weak!


During one hour the class had a fun-filled and fast moving lesson in cocktail mixing. From left; Kate from Skandium, Jaqueline and Kell from Snaps and Rye.

The cocktail master class attendees, many with no previous experience of Nordic foods, all raved about the dill infused mojito. There were of course other amazing Nordic cocktails being mixed as well, all available from Snaps and Rye. Perhaps there will be a future cocktail recipe book from this Danish restaurant?

Alongside the cocktails Snaps and Rye served a selection of their open sandwiches, available daily in the restaurant.

This free masterclass was in collaboration with Skandium at Selfridges and all the glassware you see in this post was from the Finnish brand Iittala, available from Skandium.

If you didn’t know about this event but would have liked to attended, you should sign up to the Snaps & Rye Newsletter to stay posted on future events and happenings in London.

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