Wild Guide to Scandinavia Travel Book Review

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Travelling from high above the Arctic Circle to the very south of Sweden and Denmark the landscapes you will discover are as varied as they are idyllic. Wild Guide to Scandinavia book – Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark Perfect for family explorers or romantic adventurers.

From how to get there, to what to see and do and last but not least how to experience the different places in the best possible way. This travel book goes beyond any other travel book, in terms of the extensive area it’s covering, the variety of ideas and tips – but also how it encourage you to immerse yourself in outdoor life – or as the author explains it ‘friluftsliv’ which directly translates into ‘open air life’.

‘Friluftsliv’ is an ancient Nordic philosophy of outdoor life.

‘Friluftsliv’ is an engrained philosophy in Norway and Sweden but relatively unknown to the rest of the world. This philosophy embodies the idea that returning to nature, is returning home.

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The book is divided into areas, then section of informative for each area (including maps) such as best places for secret beaches, fantastic hikes, canoe trips and mountain train and boat adventures, as well as special places in which to stay, enjoy the best local food and discover the wildlife. We found to book easy to use and navigate ourselves through.




With the Wild Guide to Scandinavia in hand you will be ready to dive into the culture of Scandinavia and ready to take your family on a proper adventure to be treasured and remembered in years to come. Because…

‘Life is a collection of moments’.

So, from the magical midnight sun North of the Arctic Circle to the beautiful sandy beaches of Denmark, Ben Love shares 700 ideas for the perfect wild adventure, including:

• Wild swimming, hot springs, waterfalls and islands
• Canoe camping and secret beaches
• Ancient woodlands, summer meadows and wildlife wonders
• Northern lights, midnight sun and stunning wild camping
• Sacred stones and viking remains
• Caverns, ruins and castles
• Traditional local foods and foraging
• Forest cabins, gypsy caravans and boutique retreats

There’s also a dedicated section to Hurtigruten, one of the world’s most beautiful sea voyages.
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So, who’s the author? The book reveals that Ben Love is as passionate about Scandinavia as he is of outdoor life and family adventures. Not only has he travelled extensively through the Nordic countries but he has also studied the language. With great enthusiasm he gives the readers an endless stream of local knowledge, in no less way than what the locals themselves can do.

The Wild Guide to Scandinavia is no pretty coffee table book but with its wealth of information it will still make the perfect present to anyone who are considering travelling to Scandinavia.

Wild Guide Scandinavia has 272 pages and it retails for £16.99 from wildthingspublishing.com. Worth mentioning is that the book and all its information is also available as a digital pdf, ebook or as an handy app – perfect to bring along on your Scandinavian adventure!


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