The Eve Mattress will probably reduce your coffee consumption

We all know the feeling of a rough morning after a sleepless night. But can a mattress really make a difference?

I never really appreciated a good nights sleep before I had children. When you are younger late nights and little sleep doesn’t seem to bother you in the same way. But being constantly woken up by your precious little ones and then developing a habit of turning and tossing with frustratingly little ideas on how to get back into a good routine….

Well, there are lots of ideas on how to improve sleep. One is to check what mattress you sleep on every night. Apparently a mattress only lasts for 8 to 10 years before it should be changed. But when buying a new, how to find the right mattress?

First of all, quality matters, so avoid the most affordable options around. There are different types of mattresses to choose from too, spring or memory foam.

For me the spring mattress is what I already knew. But when reading more into it, memory foam sounded interesting too. A memory foam mattress will mould to your body’s contours, it’s hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties, it provides support and enables natural movement during sleep and it helps to maintain correct posture and align spine horizontally when lying on your side. Especially concerned about the support to avoid having back problems, we decided to try a memory foam, the British made Eve Mattress.

Because trying the Eve Mattress is exactly what you will do. You can try it for 100 nights, with a full refund policy if you don’t like it. And the price is surprisingly low compared to other similar quality mattress brands. This is because the Eve is not sold through stores but comes direct from the factory and delivered to you.

Upon arrival we thought we had received the wrong size, but decided to open it just to make sure before returning it. We had ordered the king size but the box was no more than a meter tall. But inside the box a plastic wrapped folded and compressed mattress was cleverly packaged. No wonder the relatively little box weighed that much! And when aired the mattress quickly came into the right shape.

The first impression of the Eve mattress was the bright yellow sides, which made us expect something new, something different. It’s clear that this is a brand that wants to be known for a new concept; producing top quality mattresses and reducing costs by 60% thanks to a straight to end consumer delivery. The mattress seemed very firm, yet not uncomfortably so.

The 10 inch deep Eve mattress is a combination of support foam foundation, memory foam middle and a latex top layer that together gives you a almost floating yet sound sleeping experience. Eve’s new-generation memory foam top layer is springy, so while it moulds to your spine and supports, it also springs back quickly, so you can move whilst sleeping without waking up. We are already enjoying a improved nights sleep.

And we are not at all surprised about how comfortable the Eve mattress is, how cool the whole packaging was, the speedy delivery and how hassel free the order was. After all, Eve Mattress is created by a group of friends who all had worked in the mattress industry for years. Between them they had sold more than 70,000 mattresses across 18 countries before they started Eve. They know exactly how to revolutionise what to outsiders can seem like quite a traditional industry. And they have such confidence in what they do that they give the mattress a 10 year guarantee.

To give you an example of what you get; a top quality memory foam UK single mattress at £349 includes delivery to your door, 100 nights trial with a full refund if you are not happy – and if anything goes wrong after this there’s the guarantee. That to me is risk free online shopping.

The Eve is literally turning the sleepy mattress industry upside down.


Dry humor aside. We are so far, a good week into our 100 day trial, very happy with the Eve mattress. We have placed it on a IKEA bed base, but you can have it on any divan, bed or any other base if you like. Just not directly on the floor. And I just discovered Eve makes pillows too… That’s next on my wish list!

Just to let you know that we thought the mattress smelled funny on arrival. The smell lasted for a couple of days, before disappearing completely.

If you are considering the Eve mattress and have any questions regarding it, please let us know and leave a comment below and we will help out as best as we can.

And whilst your little precious one might still wake you up at night, you can at least properly enjoy the sleep you do get. x

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