Mini Rodini AW15 Mosquito (in the Jungle)

The new Mini Rodini Autumn/Winter collection for 2015 is called Mosquito and is inspired by ’The Jungle Book’ look-a-like landscape of India. And as we have come to expect from this super cool Swedish kids fashion brand, the new collection is more or less all sustainable.

It is a wilderness of Bengal tigers, elephants, peacocks, temple monkeys, rats and bats in mints, blues, spicy reds, cinnamon, pink pepper and cloves.




This is very much a sustainably collection. 97% of the products in the collection are made with sustainable materials. Everything that can be organic is organic.

Mini Rodini has also started a new project in India where they pay their part of a living wage to the workers instead of just the minimum that is normally paid, which is almost impossible to live on.

Did you know that the beautiful Mini Rodini Panda baby blanket is made out of wild grown cotton, directly from the Peruvian rain forest?


What could be better to give your child than an all natural, non-colored, non-toxic and non- pesticide treated blanket? It really is the softest there is.

And then there’s the plastic all Mini Rodini pieces comes wrapped in these days. It takes up to 5 years for it to completely disappear. Compared to the 100 years for a regular plastic bag, this is really fast.

Mini Rodini, fashionably sustainable styles for the littlest.

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