Back to School – Getting off to a good start with helpful tips and ideas

With school start only a few weeks away, are you all set? Uniforms, school shoes, packed lunch? Here’s our list of things you perhaps would like to consider to ensure a smooth start!

So what to consider before the school run is back on?

Starting Primary?
If you have a 4 year old, ready to start ‘Big School’, do check out our Best tips for a soft start to school life.

Uniform & School shoes
Sooner rather than later! Check out the schools latest uniform policy and get what you can well in advance. We have written this post on School uniforms.
I also recommend checking out our post on Our Experience with a (not so) professional shoe fitter

The School Run
Planning the school run can be useful. Decide on how to get there and try out your chose route before the school starts, to avoid any surprises on the first day. Only bare in mind that certain areas get a lot more busier during term time. We therefor support the Walk To School Campaign!

Settling in and coping with homework?
No worries, we have a post offering helpful ideas on how you can help your little on getting into a good routine and staying on top of homework. Find out, How you can help your child settle in and staying on top of homework.

Packed Lunch vs School Dinners
School Dinners offers a more relaxed start to the day, without the hassle of having to make a packed lunch. It is also night to have a hot meal served during the school day. But if you want to be more in control of what your child eats, or if your child have any allergies or intolerance – or simply is just a fuzzy eater – you might want to go for packed lunch. We have a post on the topic Packed Lunch vs School Dinners to help make a decision.

School Gate Fashion
Then last but not least, are YOU ready for the School gate… Do you walk the School Run-way? Dress down, dress up – to blend in?

Wishing you all a restful end of the holiday. x

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