Scandinavian Children’s Fashion featuring flower print for Summer

All over floral and botanical prints is this seasons must have. The elaborate and bold print was spotted on the catwalk for adult fashion (above picture showing Valentino SS15 backstage), and also seen in playful children’s fashion for Spring and Summer; there’s floral dresses, tops, jackets, shoes and accessories to choose from.

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know that I’m no fan of mini me and children being restrained to adult fashion. To me that’s a missed opportunity, as children’s fashion can be so much more free and creative. For children you don’t have to follow many rules, the attire can reflect personality and mood as well as not having to compromise on comfort. When writing this I’m wearing a pencil skirt and high heels (at work!) -so I know what I’m talking about here… To me floral is an escape out of the grey and dull for adults -and a fun addition for a tot to teens wardrobe! Above picture is illustrating that with floral you don’t have to be careful. Big is beautiful and you throw colours together in sheer decadence. (You can hear I’m being carried away here!)

So, where did it all start? Floral printed fabrics have been a fashionable item for hundreds of years, originating from the east and Asia. Traders would buy the delicate fabrics with ornate floral designs and bring it to Europe, were it would be sold for a high price. Initially floral design was pure luxury and a status symbol. Over time European manufacturers began to copy these fabrics to suit European tastes at more affordable prices.

Liberty fabrics is featuring in several of the collections by Scandinavian kidswear designers; both Poppy Rose, Christina Rohde and several others have established a firm relationship with the textile house in London.

But this aside, this year the floral craze has reached new heights! And it is big and bold that counts. If you want to join in the flower power party, then read on for inspiration on what to get for Spring Summer 2015.

This classic swimming costume in a bold flower print by Danish brand, Christina Rohde is simply stunning. I believe this is from past season, but still available around in a few sizes. There’s a new one for SS15, featuring a all over print with smaller flowers. But we have our eyes peeled on this one!

Molo Kids, Hestie softshell children’s summer jacket in the popular bomber style. The jacket is waterproof with taped seams and ribbed trims at the sleeve. And again, there’s a all over flower print in white, rose, pink, pink, light purple and blue. I’d say this is a unisex style, suitable for both boys and girls. Price €83.99 at House of Kids.

And then we spotted a pair of amazing Venice slip on flower print canvas shoes for kids, from the new children’s footwear brand we shared with you yesterday, Rugged Gear Danish Children’s Funky Shoes and Sandals. And amazingly, these are with a discount, available in size 28 to 39, retailing for only £30 at Bootz.
rugged gear_flower_print_kids_canvas_shoes

Today is another beautiful day in London. Hope you all enjoy the blossom of Spring a gorgeous sunshine! x

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