Rugged Gear Danish Children’s Funky Shoes and Sandals

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Rugged Gear is a new Danish brand, designing shoes for children and teenagers. One of the ideas behind the brand is to embrace adventurous shoe design, uncompromising design in line with current trends as well as with a focus on quality and a conscious approach to production.

Spring is finally here with Summer fast approaching. And we thought it would be high time to check out what’s new on the shoe rack, of colourful, fun and funky shoe design. Because life is too short to live without hot pink patent leather and wild and adventurous animal prints. Step into this Summer in style with Rugged Gear!
So many children’s footwear brands only cater for children up to size 34, which is a shame when you are still very much a child, but wearing shoes in size 35 or above. With Rugged Gear there will be no such disappointment as the shoes are available in sizes from 28 all the way up to 41.


This lovely metallic champagne coloured pair of girls Summer sandals is absolutely divine. Made in soft leather with a practical leather sole makes this not only a comfortable but also a durable pair for summer, with shifting weather. Price tag for this pair is €55.90 at House of Kids.

You can choose from a wonderful selection of sandals as well as some very cool canvas shoes. And with a surprisingly affordable price tag taking the quality materials used, such as leather which is essential for comfort, into consideration.

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Danish Rugged Gear was founded by Stina and Anders Granhof and it was first launched in Denmark in 2014. Stina is in charge of marketing wheras Anders is head of design. The pair seem to have found a winning recipe, with a combination of playful design and good quality, the brand is consequently experiencing a rapid growth in the Scandinavian market, boasting already a 118 retailers. The brand is also being introduced to the European market, counting 61 retailers as we speak.

But sadly I didn’t find any retailer in the UK who is currently stocking this brand! If you are a retailer reading this, perhaps adding Rugged Gear to your watch list for the coming trade shows?

Anyhow, no need to despair! There’s always online shopping.

This is a great addition to the growing selection of fabulous kids footwear brands from Scandinavia. Angulus, Bisgaard, Bundgaard, ByKier, PomPom to name a few…

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