Rent a Scandinavian Summer House on the Norwegian Riviera

During the summer months, the picturesque towns and villages of Southern Norway ‘Sørlandet’ are popular destinations for holidaymakers. And we just found this contemporary house for rent online and wanted to share with you as it would make the perfect base for the family Summer holiday!

“Where should we go this year for our Summer holiday?” I asked some friends recently. “We want sun, sea and summer as well as beach and boat life”, I added. “Why don’t go to Norway!?” they replied. And it’s true! There’s no better place than Southern Norway in Summer. It’s hot during the day, but with a sea breeze. Then it cools down in night, ensuring a good nights sleep without a rambling air-condition over your head. The sea is warm, excellent for a day spent on the beach with little ones or for a more active holiday, to enjoy some water sports.

We usually stay with family when visiting Southern Norway – as previously shown on the blog here and here.

But there are similar properties available for rent too. Like this stunning contemporary Scandinavian Summer House in Stavern, designed by Lundehagem and completed in 2008.

The house has a 360 degree view and sun all day. The house compromises 2 reception rooms, a large family kitchen, a modern bathroom and 5 bedrooms that sleeps up 12-14 people. We especially like the sea view, how all doors and windows opens up and the outdoor space. Not to forget the outdoor shower! (There’s nothing like taking a hot shower in fresh sea breeze.) The house is build into the surroundings, with beautiful archipelago bare rocks. Although Health and safety officials never would approve – the surroundings is a playground in itself!






This property, for rent via airbnb is located just outside Stavern, a small fisherman village with clapboard houses painted white, red, ochre or blue. Villages like Stavern truly comes alive in Summer with the tourist season; having a vibrant harbour, lots of charming restaurants, cafes and excellent shopping. There’s beautiful beaches, boat and cycle hire too.

Whichever resort or seaside village you will choose in Southern Norway you can rest assured your little ones will have the best summer holiday; spending time outdoors and making new friends.

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Depending on where you go, you can fly in to Oslo, Torp or Kristiansand. (The above house and Stavern is near to Torp). There’s airport transfer with bus, train or taxi. Or more convenient is having a rental car, which enables you to see more.

Do you have your Summer holiday booked?

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