Norway and Sweden top of the list ‘The Best Country to Grow Old’

Global Age Watch is the first ever index measuring the well-being of older people. The index is sharing a ranking, perhaps unsurprisingly with Norway and Sweden as the the top two countries. With high life expectancy, a 100% pension coverage as well as safety and freedom for older people, Scandinavia sure is the place to grow old.

96 countries was included in the Global Age Watch Index 2014, which means 91% of the world’s population aged 60 and over. The Index brings together a unique set of internationally comparable data based on older people’s income status, health status, capability (education and employment), and enabling environment, to compare and to see where there is need for improvement. See more here:

© Little Scandinavian. Little B and her grandmother enjoys family time.

The below photos are from my mum’s Instagram profile. She’s in her late 60’s and still working full time. Most people will retire between 62-67 but the trend is that more and more choose to continue working well past 67. When not at work she is enjoying spending her weekends and holidays in the Norwegian nature all year round, hiking or skiing, when she’s not busy hanging out with her four daughters, son in laws and seven grandchildren. I think statistics is statistics and it doesn’t tell you everything. But Norway’s strong family traditions, simple way of life combined with being surrounded by unspoilt nature which invites to stay active and healthy are undoubtedly parts of the reason of such quality of life -regardless of age.

Ps. I know my mum is not going to appreciate this post as she think age is of no importance and she doesn’t like to be labeled as a ‘over 60’s’. But it’s exactly that you have this freedom to stay young at heart which is so important, that which of Norway and Sweden clearly have understood the essence of. So, there you go mum. We are sharing, and we are very proud of you!

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