Scandi Style Room Design Ideas for Tween Girls

Scandi Style Room Design Ideas for Tween Girls, for when you’ve had enough of flower buntings and pink quilts. The growing girl needs something else, but at the same time keep the playfulness.

Litle A is 9 and she’s outgrowing her room at the moment. She’s ready for a change! We’ll be transforming her kids universe to a tween den. The plan is to rebuild and paint the existing loft bed. It was made by my (not really) carpenter husband a year ago, so too good to throw out. We’ll instead lower it and fit storage underneath. For a more contemporary style for the older child we need to replace the textiles in the room. But not to loose the personal feel we’ll be adding a bit of quirkiness that suits our little A so well. We also would like to keep it simple and functional as the room is on the small side. So in search for inspiration, I’ve found a few images I wanted to share with you.

Gorgeous colours and I like the branch from the ceiling. Could hold fairy lights as well as home made keep sakes and little treasures.
Source: Happiness blog

Interesting decorating idea, collect all her photos and postcards for a personal touch.

Like the simplicity and the lights.

Accessory the room with quirky and inspirational design, pillows, blankets, posters and lots more.
Source Lucky Boy Sunday

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