Almost all creativity involves purposeful play – get kids active!

Learning how to learn through play is a very individual experience that supports the development of future learning behaviours. When a child is given the time, space, and materials to explore s/he learns how to focus, be intentional, meet self-selected goals, pursue deeper understanding and so so much more. Sounds good? Well, read on!

And by playing, kids get active and healthy! Did you know that NHS guidelines of physical activity guidelines by NHS for children and young people say children should be physically active every day for at least 180 minutes and school children needs at least 60 minutes, ideally 120 minutes?
There’s no time for sitting watching TV and playing computer games -send them outdoors to play, and join a sports club! Energetic activities suitable for most children includes riding a bike, dancing, swimming, climbing and skipping rope.

When we moved with the children to the UK we first joined TumbleTots which is a great place to meet other families, for your child to learn balance, coordination and strength. With only positive experience from this, Little A (9) joined gymnastics camp this half term, at a small club near to us. They are combining gymnastics, yoga, dance and play, with no dress code, shiny leotards or competition pressure. Only hours of energetic activity, she’s making new friends and feeling of achievement (the instructors are really positive and gives lots of encouragement and positive feedback, making Little A feeling like a gymnastic champion after only a few days!).
Petit SS14 Dance collection
© Sofie Schnoor SS14, photo by Anders Hald

Did you know gymnastics is one of the largest sporting organisations contributing to global health, fitness and well-being in the world? Find your nearest club in the UK here All the images is from the Petit by Sofie Schnoor Dance collection for Spring Summer 2014. As any Danish designer, Sofie Schnoor strongly believes children should be active and able to move freely. Her daughter, Marie-Olympia (10) loves dancing, and must be part of the inspiration for this collection.

With Little A’s positive experience this half term we’ve signed her up for term time too. Our budding gymnast. And even if she wouldn’t stick with gymnastics, the skills and body awareness learned as part of gymnastics participation will ensure a solid foundation participation in any sport and physical activity. Here’s Ten activity tips for children -Go play!

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