Children’s rain coats and rain sets for wet Summer days

Unfortunately the lovely weather we had last week has gone and is replaced by dropping temperatures and rainy clouds, just in time for the bank holiday weekend. But there’s no reason to despair!

We’ve sourced the web for children’s rainwear and must admit that the selection available in the UK isn’t even close to what we have in Scandinavia. Interesting as there must be as many rainy days in the UK. If it is the fact that children do no longer play outdoors when it’s raining, then this is your chance the change this! Get you kid kitted for the wet elements and jump some puddles together!

Step away from the umbrella, wind jacket and summer sandals. When playing outdoors in the rain a full kids rain set with waterproof jacket, trousers and boots is an absolutely must. Danish online store House of Kids has an endless selection in both colours and price range. In the UK Raindrops is the rainwear specialist number one.

Kids rain sets, jacket and trousers

For the trendy tot there’s kids retro rain jackets and funky animal prints and so on to choose from. Perfect for the school run on a rainy day.

Kids rain coats and wells

To make sure you are not stuck indoors with children that are bursting with energy, we’ve made a list of ideas what to do on a rainy day. Happy Saturday and hope to see you soon back on the blog!

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