5 inspirational things on a Friday – Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

It’s bank holiday weekend and summer is (almost) here. Wether you are going away to a weekend retreat or staying in the city, we got inspiration for you, to make the most out of it!

With the upcoming long weekend and lovely long and bright days… 5 inspirational things; learn, eat, make, do and read!

1. Learn
Just in time for Midsummer and the garden parties this Summer, learn how to do a floral garland (flower headband). A beautiful set of flowers will make any outfit stand out and make your little darling feel very special. Start practising now. Here’s a tutorial, in pictures.

2. Eat
It’s nothing like late breakfast turning into brunch, with juice, coffee and lots of freshly made breads and buns. With a lack of time, why not just get the family dressed and head out to your local bakery? We tend to go to the Swedish bakery Fabrique in Hoxton, to sit under the railway arches, in the sun and enjoy hot out of the oven cinnamon buns. Yum!

3. Make
As temperatures are rising we thought it would be appropriate to indulge in some lemonade. Make a healthy lemonade together with the children, and why not allow them to have their own Lemonade stand -a true sign of Summer!

4. Do
Summer collections are in store now, with lots of beautiful little garments in soft denim, jersey and cotton together with fine knits and silks. Don’t wait for the holiday season and ending up with last minute stressful shopping, with limites styles and sizes left. Why not use the bank holiday weekend for a peaceful shopping, in store or online. Get organised.

5. Read
This weeks bloglove is more a blog crush! It’s been very hectic lately and just browsing through mariaemb blog takes my mind off everyday stress and allows the brain to wander off through inspiring visuals, pleasing on the eye along with positive and easy words. Just what every tired parent need, no?
Weekend flowers, Mariastyle. Yes, we love! © mariaemb blog.

Lead picture via Pinterest

Enjoy your long weekend and hope to see you here on the blog soon again!

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