Best Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

How to organise the best Birthday Party, ever? When wanting to go beyond the “Hiring Hall and Entertainer Party” and also the “Dressing Up Party” there’s plenty of choices for themed parties. It’s more a question of your child’s interest and of course, the budget.

To give you a few ideas, we’ve gathered parties ideas we have experienced first hand.

Horse Riding Party
Having a horse riding birthday party is a unique way to celebrate your children’s birthday. They’ll get introduction to riding, there’s grooming (and lots of petting) and it all ends with Birthday Tea in the stables.

Ice Skating Party
Ice Skating is a funfilled way of celebrating your child’s big day. An hour with activity and fun before Birthday Tea and cake being served in nearby restaurant. Ice skating party host available for hire, to assist both children and their parents… This is a party we recoomend warmly -just remember to wrap up warm before entering the freezing party venue!

Bowling Party
Hit strike with a Bowling Children’s Birthday party. They’ll have fun from when they’re tying the laces on the bowling shoes to when they’re cheering for their friends. Lots of laughs and all very exciting before ending up in the diner in 50’s style with burger and shake. Ask if you can bring a cake. The staff is often very helpful and will even join in on the Birthday song.

Zoo Party
Choose from barbeques overlooking the lions, cocktail parties on the Outback terrace, receptions in Gorilla Kingdom, games and ice creams on the private lawn, or a DJ and disco to dance the night away. A variety of games, entertainment, live animal encounters, and a full day’s entrance to the zoo await for your herd!

Hollywood Party
Roll out the red carpet for your celerity guests, that all have their name in a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, before reaching the grand dining table where the winners of Oscars are ready to announced. End the evening with their favourite movie and lots of pop corn.

Afternoon Tea Party
Book an afternoon tea for you tween and her best friends. We recommend fun and quirky places, such as Sketch. They have a contemporary and arty vibe combined with a “Mad Hatters Tea Party”. We took the girls to a nail-bar in advance for a proper “Girls night out”. But really. The afternoon tea is a proper part in itself. If you feel creative, why not organise it at home!?

Fine Dining Party
For the older children, a fine dining party could be the best option. Invite the best friends and book a table at your favourite restaurant. Let the children enjoy everything from the formal dress code and white table cloths to a sublime food experience. Check out the children’s menu for affordable options to treat your little group of food critics.

One would have obtained a fair share of Children’s Birthday Party ideas over the course of 20 birthday parties (with a 12 + 8 year old in the house). But at the same time, it’s a certain danger of running out of ideas too, when you’ve been through most of the options. Hence the inspiration for this post.
There’s of course more… Climbing Party, Swimming pool Party… Th themed Birthday parties doesn’t end. But to bring it back to perspective; The best Children’s Birthday party we’ve had was very simple. 6 best friends came home after school. We served home made pizza and milkshake for Birthday tea. They played a few traditional party games and then there was time for the Birthday cake. No reason to over complicate things, when “Less is More”.

If you have further ideas, please do share by commenting below. And best of luck with organising yours!

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