Children’s shops passing the tween market?

When Hollister, Superdry and Acrombie & Fitch is what’s on offer… She’s outgrown the children’s clothes in all leading high street stores, and not quite grown into to the adult section. At arguably the most exciting stage in her childhood she’s left out.

In most brands she would be wearing a size 16 years old, in certain french brands even as much as size 18 years. She’s nearly 170cm tall and 12 years old. (That being our Scandinavian genes.) In a time where her personality is blossoming into a young person and a beautiful individual, there’s nothing but jeans and hoodies on offer.

A few children’s brands are fully aware of this gap in the market, but finding it hard to produce collections when the support of retailers in buying season is not there. Wonderful children’s brands such as Sprout by Gro, Little Remix, Poppy Rose and Pale Cloud are among labels that create great collections up to size 14/16 years. But still, these labels are hard to find in store. Leading independent online retailers claim to cater for children up to size 16 years, but a quick online search will leave you with a rather depressing result.


To me it’s probably even more frustrating having seen the collections during the trade shows a year earlier, knowing what’s available from the designers, then when the new season is launched in stores the clothes for the older girls is simply not to be found. Buying season is about to kick off. Will there be a improved focus on our tween children this time around?

6 thoughts on “Children’s shops passing the tween market?

  1. You’re welcome 🙂 I have 3 boys and just love their mini boden range. My boys have special needs and I love that a lot if bodens shorts and trousers have pull on waistbands which make it so much easier for kids that struggle with fine motor skills. But of course no compromise on style!

  2. Dear Jessica.

    Boden is a great recommendation. The Boden range for older children, Johnnie B, from 8-16 is really great. Prices not too bad either. Thanks for the heads up. Somehow Boden was completely off my radar.

    Love Bianca – the Scandinavian Mum x

  3. Dear Tuia.

    We have a 8 year old too, wearing size 10 years/140cm. So not as tall as yours, but still into the tween section. I sincerely hope there will be a improved focus on this age group, with comfortable, cool and interesting labels for our tweens.

    I think the more we speak up, the better selection of tween clothing we’ll find available. Also useful to share any good shops -if you know any?

    Love Bianca – the Scandinavian Mum x

  4. My daughter has the same issues when it comes to finding appropriate clothing. She is only 8 years old but is already 150 cm tall (and yes, Scandinavian!) which means that all the cute clothes her friends are wearing will not fit her. It is a constant worry… So any tips will be appreciated, I guess finding beautiful clothes for her will be even harder in the future!

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