Back to school and kids dressed for Crisp Spring days

Back to School Winter

School is back on for Spring term, even though it’s clearly still early January and frosty days ahead. Here’s a quick guide and a heads up on how to send of your school child to school when frost can still occur. It’s all about staying warm and yes… dressing in layers.

From top to toe in quality. Uniform policy is often strict, but it’s up to you to choose important bits such as comfortable underwear in pure cotton or wool mix, breathable leather shoes with rubber sole to withstand the elements, accessories such as tights (yes, for boys too!), scarf, gloves and hats to stay snugly warm. And last but not least breathable jacket, preferable in layers. Wind and waterproof is the trick, and layer with a soft fleece underneath on the colder days. The fleece can again be worn on it’s own on crisp but sunny days of Spring. Brands to look out for is Angulus (from Igloo Kids) school shoes, Huttilut hat and scarf, Melton gloves and tights, Isbjørn of Sweden fleece and jacket.

Whilst we are at it, do you remember our post Healthy packed lunch for Budding foodies Back at School Worth checking out if you are not overt impressed with the school lunches and’d like to consider your options.

On a different note, when we’re talking about schools and options, did you see the new The Tatler Guide to State Schools? “Hurrah, jolly hockey sticks and shiny new satchels at the ready” – the glamorous magazine usually exclusively featuring private education has stepped off its pedestal and had a look at some of the many good state school there’s out there. We’ve made it no secret as true Scandinavian’s we’ve not once hesitated to educate our children through the state system. Without disappointment, so far. Happy to see the Old Sports at Tatler considering all options too.

Happy Back to School and hope you’ll quickly get back into the swing of the dreaded school run! Let us know how your first day went! Did you make it on time? And did you remember the PE kit!?

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