Easy recipe for autumn -Norwegian Lapskaus by Nordic Nibbler

We’re stepping Autumn with an abundance of fresh and lovely harvest, so why not use the opportunity to whip up a warming stew? As the weather gets cooler, let’s savour the flavours of the season with scrumptious vegetables and fresh meat, from your local butcher. May we suggest a hearty Norwegian stew, called Lapskaus? It’s easy to make and tastes wonderful!

Lapskaus is a very traditional Norwegian dish made of meat and vegetables, diced together and cooked into a stew. The meat is usually roasted or boiled beef or pork, often left-over from a Sunday Roast. The vegetables used are usually potato, carrot, turnip, onion, or any seasonal veg, seasoned with salt and pepper and served with flatbread (we buy Peters Yard thin crisp bread in the UK) and lingonberry jam.

There is no set recipe, as most families will have their own variation. We think one of the better recipes are one from the Scandinavian food blog a hearty Norwegian Stew by Nordic Nibbler The picture above is his dish -looks nice doesn’t it!?

Behind the blog Nordic Nibbler you’ll find a British freelance photographer and food writer. He’s based in Oslo with his Norwegian wife and their two young girls; “In 2008, after several years in London and craving a different pace of life, I moved to the northern climes of Norway with its majestic mountains and sparkling fjords.”

His blog is one of the best food blogs around, with a down-to-earth and genuine passion for good food and family meals.

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