The official Cinnamon Roll Day -today!

It’s the day of the Scandinavian Cinnamon Roll, a scrumptious buttery pastry filled with sugar and cinnamon. “Kanelbullens dag” as it’s called in Sweden will be celebrated in and outside Scandinavia today.

If you’re not a dedicated baker or simply don’t have the time, you can get hold of the sweet treat at several Nordic Bakeries today.
We will secure ours at the Swedish bakery in Hoxton, at Fabrique.
For full list of bakeries all over London please see our post on GoScandinavian.

Will you be celebrating today? And if so, are you baking or buying your cinnamon filled roll?

One thought on “The official Cinnamon Roll Day -today!

  1. I totally love cinnamon rolls, I tried once to bake them but with no very yummy result 🙂 would you be so kind to suggest me the best recipe you know?


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