Livly Clothing -a fairytale collection of children’s fashion

As a child, did you spend hours day dreaming you would be part of a fairytale? Where there in particular a fairytale that facinated you? I was very inpressed and taken by the Norwegian folklore, the vivid tales about the trolls, but also scared by the witch in Disneys Snow White and intrigued by Alice in Wonderland and her endless adventures.

Livly_clothing_aw13.SANDY DRESS 2

Livly clothing’s campaign for Autumn Winter 2013 brings backs memories of a childhood daydream, spun from the many fairytales you’d been told. Where anything is possible and anything can happen. And I simply adore these pictures. Do you see your favourite fairytale in any of these?

Livly_clothing_aw13.PAIGE DRESS 3

Livly_clothing_aw13_.GRETA DRESS

Livly_clothing_aw13_SANDY DRESS 1

Livly_clothing_aw13_MINOU DRESS

Livly_clothing_aw13_POESY DRESS

Livly_clothing_aw13.JADE DRESS

Livly_clothing_aw13_SAMMY SKIRT

Livly_clothing_aw13_LUCY DRESS

Livly_clothing_aw13_MINOU DRESS 2

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