Because we are all different!

Although how much we often try to be like everyone else, we’re still different. Some stand out more than others.

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With all our differences, I think it’s important to include and appreciate each other for who we are. And to celebrate those differences rather than attacking them.

Our youngest daughters primary school took part in an anti bullying workshop last week. The goal was to make the children recognise bullying and teaching them how to respond to it.

Little A age 8 told me; If my friend isn’t nice, I’ll walk away from her. I’ll go skipping or something. And then when she’s nice again we can play.

So simple, yet so powerful. Have you had any experience with bullying and do you know how to deal with it? We would love to hear about it, please share!

4 thoughts on “Because we are all different!

  1. An amazingly mature and sensible 7y old you have there! He’s obviously got it right, and well done for standing up for his brother. x

  2. My middle son (5) has autism and recently a class mate of my 7 year old son’s asked him why his brother was “so crazy”. My 7 year old answered “he’s not crazy he’s just different like you and like me”. So proud.

  3. I was like you, no second chance. Luckily I’ve become more moderate with age (or so I hope). But it’s good to hear the children trying to be aware and stay away from bullies. And then in general trying to be nice and considerate themselves too.
    With my eldest in Secondary I’m expecting to face bullying in a whole new meaning. You hear about so many bad things going on, and I think we all need to do what we can to stop it.

  4. Good post, Bianca! My Ingrid has the same approach of your Little A: she keep far from her bully classmates and children, at school and at park as well. It’s the only way to re-educate them. But when I was a child, I was more pragmatic: total breakdown in the relationship and no second chance! X

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