Kay Bojesen classic wooden toy bear

Kay Bojesen’s Bear is a classic wooden toy. The world famous Bojesen Bear was designed in 1952, a year after the also well known Monkey, by Danish designer Kay Bojesen.

When picking little A up from a friends house yesterday afternoon, I was told they had done some “bear surgery”. The patient was a wooden toy, apparently from my friends childhood back in the 60’s. I asked to have a look, and sure enough! Mr Bear had the Bojesen stamp on his foot. And what a little charmer! There were obvious signs from tear and wear but still in fairly good condition.


Today Kay Bojesen’s Bear, still hand made in Denmark from oak, retails at leading design stores for around £115. Original Bojesen Bears from the 50s and 60s are highly collectable and in good condition would be worth considerable more.

This wonderful wooden bear is not only a piece of modern Danish design history, but with his moveable limbs and good natured expression becomes a true companion. Just the perfect first gift to any new born baby. And don’t leave it on display -he was created to be played with. Some wear and tear just ads to his charm!

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