Children’s gifts – toys they will love!

Here’s our short list, the top kids toys and gifts that we’ve tried and tested -and love!

Soft toys, baby’s first, secret’s friends… Regardless of age, Luckyboysunday have a soft toy ready to be all yours! Only problem is that they are known to be highly addictive! When one quirky little fellow, knitted in soft alpaca wool, has made his way into your home and heart, you will be wanting to get his friends to move in too!
© Luckyboysunday

There’s certain classics that never goes out of date. Brio train sets and Lego is safe buys when buying children’s gift. The Brio Fun on the farm starter set has lasted us a decade, it’s still in pristine condition and nowadays young guest play with it when visiting when it’s not stored practically in its box.

Another classic toy that you will never grow out of is Lego. Must have is the Lego Creative Bucket, where there’s no end to what you can build. For the baby, Lego Duplo Ceative Bucket is a good introduction to the imaginative world of bricks.

Decorative on the shelf and highly entertaining for young and old(er), the russian dolls from Danish company Babushka is made to last. It comes with the advice to always put them all together again after play. Or else the tiniest dolls have their own way on going on adventures!
© Russian dolls by Babushka

And last but not least, a delightful present to give and to receive is your favourite children’s classics books. Search for a nicely illustrated hardcover version at your local bookshop and it’s sure to be treasured for generations.

When buying children’s toys and gifts, what do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Children’s gifts – toys they will love!

  1. Lego is the favourite in this house too. I’m the only one not playing with it, but the rest can build and create for hours! With two daughters, it’s also nice to have a unisex toys in the house, when boys are visiting. They are usually not to keen on playing mum and baby or fairy-princess-mermaid. 😉

  2. Lego is my favourite one together with books. Suits all ages. I wouldn’t mind some lego for my next birthday and my husband has told me which box he wants 🙂 But we might be very childish though…

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