Allow your baby to have a snooze in -10 degrees -Would you do it?

Scandinavia is known for enjoying the outdoors, regardless of weather. With a common saying “det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which directly translates into ”There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”.
Across Scandinavia, mums and dads are more than happy to allow their children to play outside every day, even in winter when the temperature reaches sub zero temperatures. Also common in the Nordic countries is to leave babies napping outdoors, wrapped up in their prams, all year around.

Parents in the Nordic countries believe children are healthier and less likely to catch winter bugs when exposed to plenty of fresh air. That counts for babies as well! Day nap outdoors is regarded as the best thing you can do for your sleeping child, during all for seasons, even in freezing temperature down to -10 degrees. And to be able to do this safely the children are wrapped up warm in layers of wool; Wool underwear, wool playsuit, winter snow suit, wool hat and all tucked in a warm sheepskin or feather filled bag. It doesn’t get more snug and comfortable than that!


Sleeping bags for the pram by Voksi, one of the leading brands in Scandinavia. We love this one, called Urban, in the shape of a penguin. It’s filled with a combination of wool and down, and the penguin head is made of soft fleece. This sleeping bag regulates temperature, ensuring your child is comfortable when outdoors. See more styles and colours at


Recently the UK press have shown an keen interest in this phenomenon, with newspapers and blogs. BBC shared the article The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures, that caused lots of interest. We shared this article on our Facebook page, and it has so far resulted in lots of comments with parents sharing their own experience and insight.
So what do you think? Are your little penguin ready for arctic sleeping conditions?

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