Mole Little Norway, fine cotton knits for Spring Summer 2013

With a colour palette based on sun bleached paint, Mole Little Norway takes us straight back to those lazy days at the summer house. The sort of day where you as a child used to have no plans when running out after breakfast, other than exploring and playing with your friends. The days with no clouds, only fun times riding the bike and swimming in the lake, before cooling of on the porch with mums homemade ice cold squash, served from a large jug.
The styles are timeless and comfortable, the knit is in delicate cotton, soft next to skin. The dresses and beautiful jumpers ensures comfort as well as your child will be well dressed for all occasions. The playful striped one-piece suit are made for play and activity. Put a sunhat on top and they are ready to go fishing for crabs!
Mole Little Norway creates children’s fashion for boys and girls 0-12 years old. See more about this Norwegian brand online at

photo Geir O Gismervik 1photo Geir O Gismervik 3

photo Geir O Gismervik 4

photo Geir O Gismervik 12

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