Bubble London – Trends and forecast for Autumn Winter 2013

Bubble London, a kids trade show exhibiting collections for Autumn Winter 2013,
This season saw a strong support for British made, through the installation Homegrown, featured by the entrance, and also through celebrating British designers throughout the fair. British made is trending in the UK, not only because of the difficult economical climate but also the fact that there are quite a lot of emerging design talents around the country. Much of the design is influenced by nostalgia, one of the key trends according to Stylesight, a leading trend forecast company. Another clear trend, easily spotted when walking up and down the isles, was the abundance of pastel colours. I recommends reading the round up by Smudgetikka too -not to be missed.
Lots of fab brands exhibited, especially in the new Bubble Gum area. But perhaps what I enjoyed the most was seeing several proper outerwear brand present, in particular Isbjörn of Sweden. Fashion for children is certainly not only about trends for colours but perhaps even more important, trends for new fabrics to improve sustainability and comfort of the child. Isbjörn exhibited technical outdoorwear, some that were made of recycled plastic bottles. The clothes grows with your child (with grow cuffs) and can be handed down one or several times. And it allows your child to play outside regardless of the weather conditions, ensuring that they are dry and comfortable. To me that’s a proper kids style trend for Autumn Winter 2013.
Bubble London January 2013 for AW13
London dress with bus and london eyeBubble London Homegrown
Isbjorn of sweden Maria Ania Orla from the Mini PostIsbjorn of Sweden Aw13


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2 thoughts on “Bubble London – Trends and forecast for Autumn Winter 2013

  1. Nice focus on the wearability aspect Bianca, its what concerns a lot of mums. Was it just me or did there seem to be fewer Scandinavian brands there this year?

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