Sustainable fashion by Gudrun & Gudrun -inspired by nature

Gudrun&Gundrun, founded by two Faroese women, Guðrun Ludvig and Guðrun Rógvadottir, is known for their handknittet designer clothes. Inspired by the nature surrounding them, the label is popular in large cosmopolitan cities, like New York and Tokyo.
And we love the Gudrun&Gundrun children’s range! The garments shown in the pictures are in organic wool that’s ethically sourced. No chemicals or substitutes are used in the finishing of the product. See more styles at

© Gudrun & Gudrun

These cool and comfortable Gudrun & Gudrun styles are available from the lovely The Island Wool Company

The Island Wool Company, founded by Fiona Parker and Daniel Rye, is part of the Slow Fashion movement and offers wonderful wool from one of the most dramatically beautiful places in the world, the remote Faroe Islands.

© Faroe Island by Kovboy Film

The Faroe Island literally means Sheep Islands. It’s located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The knitting tradition in the Faroes goes back centuries. And more recently the traditional patterns and techniques have got a more contemporary twist taking Faroese knitwear to the forefront of Nordic fashion. The iconic Sarah Lund knit jumper from the cult TV drama The Killing is from the Faroe Island, made by Guðrun & Guðrun from Sirri wool.

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